The Jarawas are living in isolation for more than 50,000 years. They are the most ancient people in the world and they are threatened and almost extinct. For the first time ever, they agreed to be filmed to call out to us for help. And they show us the original way of life. In our failed world where the future of our children on our beautiful planet seems more than ever compromised, it seemed to us necessary and vital to share this knowledge with as many people as possible. Like the Jarawa people, we aspire to live happily, in peace and prosperity. But unlike us, the Jarawa people live in a non-hierarchical society based on gender equality, individual freedom, autonomy, sharing, dialogue and transparency. They trust each other, they know the meaning of life and the reason for our presence on Earth. It's amazing and beautiful to watch them living in their paradise. Watch the trailer bellow.



Mr. Donald Sutherland watched this film and loved it so much that he offered us to do the narration for free. Rent and watch the documentary with the Jarawas, "Our Forgotten Souls" narrated by Donald Sutherland. The fees will be used to fuel the campaign to protect the Jarawa people.