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From now on, you can watch the FULL documentary with the Jarawas, "We are Humanity " ONLY on our web channel. You can watch it on your computer, your tablet, your mobile phone and your tv. 6$USD or 6€ to rent the film for one week, unlimited views. Paypal & credit cards payments secured by Stripe.
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The Jarawas tell you their love stories, their vision of life. They sing all day long. Their faces are bright, their joy contagious... It's just incredible and overwhelming. Because the Jarawas have kept their carefree and human values. Children play freely in the beautiful countryside. Their world is made of equality and trust between women and men. We have shown this film in many countries and each time we have seen the same emotion rise in the audience. We know that this film will not leave you insensitive. Watch it this weekend with your family and friends. Treat yourself and do a good deed at the same time.

if you have signed the petition, you know that the Jarawas are in danger. But you can give us a big boost by renting the film. It's only €6 to watch it as many times as you want for a week and all the money goes to the JARAWAS foundation that we have just created to have their rights recognized and to safeguard their way of life. €6 is really cheap and it's for a just cause.

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For children from 7 years old.

Thanks for supporting us.

Alexandre Dereims, director

Claire Beilvert, producer