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Somewhere on our planet, there is still a hidden place that has remained isolated from the rest of the world until today. The last paradise still intact where the first humans still live at the beginning of Humanity. They are called the Jarawas. They live on the Andaman Islands, in India. There are only 400 of them left. Today, our world is about to make them disappear.

The Jarawas never agreed to be filmed.
They opened the doors of their forgotten world to us.
We are Humanity is their only testimony.

For children from 7 years old.

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Alexandre Dereims, director

Claire Beilvert, producer


We are Humanity is not an anthropological film, it is an extraordinary and singular journey to the heart of the unknown and fragile world of the Jarawas. Here no scientists to explain their way of life or their origins, but a total immersion in their secret universe and enchanting.

We are Humanity, it is the story of Utchu, a little boy who, at the age of two, introduces us to his family, his gang of friends, his clan and his paradisiacal island, in one of the very first human societies, one of the last that has not yet been assimilated by our world.

We are Humanity, asking essential questions about our origins, our relationship to others, our way of living together, gender equality, the fight for respect for human rights and our relationship with nature. It makes us aware of the fragility of our common good, the earth and its inhabitants.

We Are Humanity is the intimate and poetic portrait of an authentic and extraordinary people. With no direction or narrator, director Alexandre Dereims captures their emotions as they engage in his camera.